Calendar 2020


Studio Sessions: Commence Jan 4th

Club Night: January 8th
Mark Frith - Talk:
Portraits of Britain's ancient oaks

Mark will talk about his love of nature and his journey into art and how they combined to produce his series of large scale highly detailed portraits of Britain’s ancient oak trees.

Location: The Cossham Hall


Annual AGM: 5th February and a talk by Caroline Stealey

AGM at 19:30 followed by Caroline Stealey - Forgotten Landscapes. Caroline will talk about her involvement with the Forgotten Landscapes project.

Location: The Cossham Hall


Club Night: March 4th
Margaret Micklewright Demo - Exploring Inks

Margaret will discuss her affinity with landscapes and the reasons for using ink in her work which is often produced in situ. Talking through various inks and their capabilities, she will then demonstrate some of the ways that the use of ink can be manipulated to achieve ambiguous and expressive work.

Location: The Cossham Hall

Club Night: March 25th
Michael Long Demo - Light and Shade in Landscape

MIchael will be demonstrating his use of acrylics to produce light and shade in landscapes


Location: The Cossham Hall


There are no talks in April


Club Night: May 6th
6 Catherine Beale Demo - Watercolour Landscape

Catherine will demonstrate the freedom of mixing real watercolour pigments straight onto board, instead of in the palette. She will show how the behaviour of water creates atmosphere, ranging from intense juicy colour straight from the tube, to running veils of wash. Catherine is an expert SAA tutor, member of the Society of Women Artists and writes for The Artist magazine.


Location: The Cossham Hall


Club Night: June 3rd


Location: The Cossham Hall


Club Night: July 1st
Demonstration by Maureen Knowles. "The Art of Batik"

A demonstration of the art of Batik. A demo to show how hot wax is applied to fabric and then the cold wax is used to resist the dye to produce a simple picture or design. Maureen will demonstrate the process and try to show how she uses the process to make her pictures.


Location: The Cossham Hall


Thornbury Art Club Exhibition

29th August. Thornbury Art Club Summer Exhibition goes live online

29th August, Exhibition painting poll opens


Studio Sessions: Commence Sept 3rd

Club Night: September 1st
Demonstration by Paul Weaver. " Bustling Market Scenes in Watercolour"

Markets make colourful, atmospheric subjects, but it’s adding the figures that many find daunting. Paul will discuss his techniques for sketching and painting figures in watercolour and how to plan and add them to create a bustling market scene.


Location: Turnberries, Thornbury

Workshop : September 12th
Paul Weaver - workshop ‘Bustling Market Scenes in Watercolour’.

Continuing on for his demonstration, Paul will guide the group through his watercolour techniques for capturing the vibrant colours and atmosphere of bustling Market Scenes

Location: Turnberries, Thornbury

30th September, Exhibition painting poll closes


Club Night: October 6th
Steve Wheeler - Demo ‘An Owl in Acrylics’

Steve will demonstrate how to build up a picture in simple stages.


Location: Turnberries, Thornbury


Club Night: November 3rd
Mark Warner Demo - "Expressive Seascapes in Acrylic"

Mark continues to draw inspiration from the landscape, although subject matter and application at times can be very different. He adores using colour while interpreting the light, weather conditions and a love for the materials. He works directly in the field (literally on many occasions!) from sketches created outside as well as notes and photographs taken on location then worked back in the studio. Mark’s demonstration at Thornbury Art Club will explain the process he adopts when either out on location or back in the studio. He will explain how drawing is at the heart of his work and how it is incorporated into his painting.


Location: Turnberries, Thornbury


Club Night: December 1st
Yolande Muschamp Talk - "Art and Illustration"

Yolande will reflect on how keeping a sketchbook of observational drawings has led to a present day interest in botanical illustration and will share what she has learnt from her participation in the 2019 RHS Botanical Art Exhibition.


Location: Turnberries, Thornbury

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